Arcadia Pony Club

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Gymkhana's are competitions for hacking and are similar to shows.  Riders and their horses are presented at their best and ride around a ring with the other competitors before a judge.  There are different classes throughout the day and in them the judge chooses the riders that best deserve to win that class.  Class names are usually things like "Best Educated Mount under fourteen hands" or "Rider Thirteen years to Fifteen Years" (or "Longest Tail" for beginners and littlies).

When the riders are riding around the ring the judge selects riders who are likely to win or get a place and calls them into the centre.  All riders called out are asked to perform the same workout and from their performance in these the judge selects a winner and the placegetters.  At the conclusions of hacking a few sporting games will also be played.

Gymkana Categories at Events
Beginners Led/Assisted
 Will compete within this group
 All other riders
 Will compete in their age group