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Rachael Raheb wins Pony Club NSW State Champion in Show-riding

Congratulations to Rachael Raheb and her pony Glynyarra Park Classic (Crayon) on their Pony Club NSW State Champion title in show-riding. The NSW State Championships were held in Bingara, in Northern NSW near Moree, an 8 hour drive from Sydney in early December.  Unfortunately the weather was extreme reaching temperatures in excess of 40 degrees in a very dry and dusty environment.   It was so dusty that when all of the competitors were out on the showground competing it was difficult to see due to the incredible amount of dust they were creating.  A change of clothes half way through the day was required to remain at show standard turnout.

Rachael has only been riding for three and a half years.  Her first ride at Pony Club was July 2006 where she was on her Shetland pony "Little Bear" on the lead.  To go from a lead rein rider to competing at state level with 280 riders in such a short space of time is a significant achievement.  Well done Rachael - we are very proud of you.

Rachaels and Crayons results:-

  • 4th place in rider class
  • 1st place in pony under 12.2hh
  • 1st place in pair of ponies under 12.2hh
  • 1st place in team of 4 for ponies under 14hh
  • 2nd place in best educated pony
  • 4th place in pleasure mount
  • 5th place in handler
  • NSW STATE CHAMPION - Under 9 years