Arcadia Pony Club

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One Day Events (ODEs)

One Day Events consist of three phases, dressage, showjumping, and cross-country.  By including these three phases, One Day Events find the horse and rider who are best all round rather than the combination of horse and rider which is best at only one of the phases.  One Day Event horses need to be fitter than horses used for other competitions as they must have the endurance to cope with the cross-country course, and then jump a showjumping round afterwards.

Dressage is always held first in a One Day Event as the horse must be sufficiently well trained to concentrate on the dressage phase of the test before doing the showjumping.  After the showjumping phase, the horse must be fit enough to complete a cross-country course.

The event is scored by first deducting the marks obtained in dressage from the total possible points (eg. if you score 130 points out of 210 in dressage, your score for the ODE will be 80).  After this, faults are added for the cross-country and the showjumping.  The winner is the rider with the least faults.

In Pony Club, One Day Events are graded in a similar fashion to showjumping, depending on the number of entries, these may be held over two days.  The Dressage phase must be ridden with a snaffle bit and no whip is allowed.  Showjumping and cross-country may be ridden with other Pony Club approved bits.

One Day Event Categories at Events
Beginners Led/Assisted
 Non competitive, participation ribbon and certificate
 Ungraded Unassisted
 Competitive within this group
 Graded Riders A to E
 Will compete in their Grade