Arcadia Pony Club

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This type of competition involves negotiating a course of obstacles over which the horse must jump without knocking them down and in an obedient manner.  The courses vary, producing different types of competitions that may be aimed at making imposing and technically difficult courses (such as the Grand Prix), or may be aimed at finding the rider who can jump the highest in a Topscore competition.

Sometimes the competitions may be only for training purposes (eg. clear rounds).  Most require the ability to "jump clear" ie. with no penalties for knocking down a jump, and the ability to do it at speed.  This is not always the case, especially with the trend towards technically difficult courses where excessive speed will cause errors of judgement.

Pony Club currently has its own grading system for showjumping.   Beginners start at E grade which is about 45cm, to A grade which is about 105cm. When you reach this and are jumping well you can jump open competitions (eg. at shows), which begin with D grade at 45 cm.

Showjumping Categories at Events
Beginners Led/Assisted
 Non competitive, participation ribbon and certificate
 Ungraded Unassisted
 Competitive within this group
 Graded Riders A to E
 Will compete in their Grade